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Delord Fine

Delord Fine Armagnac is aged for a minimum of two years in oak. Fruity with a taste of fresh apple and grape. A warm and supple Armagnac.

Flesinhoud: 700 ml


Delord VSOP

Round and full flavoured with aromas of vanilla and a touch of wood, this Armagnac displays sufficient character to be tasted with or without ice.

Flesinhoud: 700 ml


Armagnac de Montal VS

The basis for the VS., the use of the Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche grapes. These give the VS its scent of vanilla, plums, ripe fruit and especially lilacs, lavender and acacia.

Flesinhoud: 700 ml


Armagnac Domaine le basque vsop

This Armagnac has beautiful complex palate, caused by years of maturation, which is dominated by licorice and plum.

Flesinhoud: 700 ml


Armagnac de Montal VSOP

matured in French oak. Orangey amber in colour, it has a bouquet of fresh yellow plum and vanilla with hints of orange peel. On the palate, it's plummy and rounded with spiced, woody notes.

Flesinhoud: 700 ml


Armagnac Domaine Le Basque 2000

producer:      Le Basque country:      France region:      Armagnac Alcohol%:      46%

Flesinhoud: 700 ml


Armagnac Domaine "Le Basque" Hors d'age

This is a 12 years old armagnac

Flesinhoud: 700 ml

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