Compagnie Des Indes " Boulet de Canon Batch 5 (12 Years)

Flesinhoud: 700 ml

€ 95,55 per fles

Limited Edition No.5

Compagnie des Indes Rums offer a wide variety of origins in order to showcase the diversity of taste and aromas, as well as the know-how and "Terroir" of each origin.
Similar to wine making, rums can present different flavor profiles depending on the region they are produced in.
At Compagnie des Indes, the "Terroir" is respected in every Rum of their range; from their blends up to their most regarded Single Casks.


The Boulet de Canon Range was created in order to bring together, via different and innovative processes, the delicious flavors of smoke and those of the rum world.

Boulet de Canon no.5 is a blend of rums from Florida, finished for 8 months in barrels, that had previously been slowly smoked 2 months among sausages and hams in a "Tuyé". (The name of traditional meat smoking houses in the Jura Region of France).


€ 95,55 per fles

Dranksoort Rum
Omverpakking 1 fles
Flesinhoud 700 ml
Alcohol 46,00%
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